Step up Your Social Media Game with the Theme Editor


Social Media websites provide a very straightforward and highly effective avenue for online promotion, but they are not magic. A business has to invest time, money and effort into building up decent social media pages that actually help bring in more new customers, and inspire brand loyalty in existing ones. A common issue that people run into when trying to use websites like Twitter and Instagram to draw in a bigger crowd is that they have a number of pages available, but they just kind of throw the links out there or mention in passing that the viewer should connect with them on a certain platform.

This makes it difficult for the average internet user to remember the URL and find your exact page. Using allows you to place all these links on a single, custom designed page, where all anyone has to do to find your profiles is to click on one of the large icons. We’ll go over several benefits of using the theme editor function on to create a beautiful and effective social sharing platform.

Putting all your social links on a beautiful customized page improves customer experience

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The concept is fairly simple and provides an elegant social media marketing solution – the customer has to keep track of only a single easy to remember URL, and it only takes a moment to load the different social network pages. However, it is in human nature to be drawn to colorful images, and to get people to click you need something that draws the eye and requires very little effort. There are a number of pre-made themes available at, but a user can also use the theme editor to create the ultimate user experience, based on the company’s overall theme and aesthetics, as well as the preferences of the target demographic.

You want a page that is designed to fit the aesthetics of your logo

It can be difficult to find the right theme that blends perfectly with your logo, so to make things easier a smart color matching algorithm can be used to suggest the themes that match the color scheme of your logo. This takes out the guess work, and makes the whole customization process a whole lot faster. With quick access to a number of good suggestions, the user only has to do some tweaking with the theme editor to get the perfect design.

If you can’t find what you need, just make your own theme from scratch

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If you are somewhat creative and have a clear idea of how your social media page should look like, it’s possible to simply start throwing things together. The user can choose any background picture that they want and play around with the colors for a while before he or she settles on a particular design.

The drag and drop system makes it easy to get creative

A lot of entrepreneurs tend to get a bit anxious about web design, but making a custom theme using the editor requires absolutely no programing skill – it was designed to allow complete beginners to quickly create a unique and elegant web page. High quality images can be uploaded using the drag and drop system, and there are tons of colors for both the icon and the text to choose from.

Customize anything from colors to the social media icons

The theme editor allows the user to fully customize the social media page. You can choose the number of icons that wish to have on the page, and you can even change the default social media icons by uploading your own images. The readily available premium themes can give the user some inspiration, or be modified, and the responsive website design allows your page to automatically fit a variety of different screen sizes for the best viewing experience.

Building a specialized web page for all your social media links is a good strategy, but you need to go a step further to ensure the best results. The theme editor provides the user with a fast and simple way of creating a custom page that fits their company’s style, and grabs the customers’ attention.

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